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Little Junior

One of the oddest things about music is that you can miss as much as you hear. As soon as you listen to the vocals of this song, you will know what  I'm about to say is true. It has been said that when Gary Stewart sang this, one wondered not if it was a great song or not, but whether he was going to get out of the song alive....

  Get out of the song alive is a great way to put it for Stewart. He had a very colorful life, at best. Rather than spout details that you can easily peruse online, suffice it to say he was a very creative but troubled soul. He was too country for some and too rock for others. He fought many demons in his life but in the end, it was love that wrote the final sad chapter.

  He did, however, leave us some beautiful journals of his journey on this old earth and this is one. See if you, friend, can get out of it, and, this old place if not alive but better for the music.